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There is simply nothing in this world, that has larger impact on us, than the world of imagination. Since I was little, I have always been fascinated with storytelling and how we as humans can create worlds that does not exist, but yet be drawn into them as if they were real.

My work lives within that borderland of realism and fantasy. Desperately trying to bring poetry into reality. Constantly seeking a moment of distorted reality, where the gap between what is real, and what is not, can unfold and a story can be told.

My dad was an epic storyteller, but the stories where never the same. They were a constant flow of imagination, but yet built on a set of rules and universal emotions. For me, as a cinematographer, it is those universal emotions, that makes us feel connected with each other, that I try to capture.

Jonathan Grevsen

Shouting Men - Kinsale Sharks Awards - Best use of film stock (GOLD)
The Generous Wall - Creative Circle Award 2018 (SILVER)
Fluefiskeren Max - Danish Picture of The Year 2018 (VIDEO) (GOLD)
Blue Innoship - Hermes Creative Awards (PLATINUM)

Shots Awards - Best TVC of the Year Over 60 seconds / Shouting Men
1.4 Awards - Television Commercial of the Year over 60 seconds / Shouting Men
True Awards - Best Music Video / Teddy Love